Connotation et Point de vue, deux notions qui se rapprochent

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Maître-assistante, Université Shahid Chamran d’Ahvaz


Connotation and Point of view: Two Notions Strictly ConnectedMarzieh ATHARI NIKAZMAssistant Professor, Shahid Chamran University of 15.09.2009, Accepted: 06.01.2010)AbstractIn this article, first an overview of the term "connotation" is presented as it was used by logiciansand linguists before Hjelmslev. Then, this term is examined in the field of semiotics in the works ofHjemslev, Barthes and Greimas, and we go to see that in semiotics, a connotative system can be oneof the creative systems of the sense, but it must be completed by other mechanisms. Finally, weshall place the connotation in the field of semantics by referring to Pierre-Yves Raccah's point ofview, stemming from the theory of the "Argumentation in the Language", according to which wordsused in statements force points of view. We are going to give our definition of this term and weindeed go to see that the notions of point of view and connotation are strictly connected.Key words: topoi.connotation, semantics, semiotics, point of view, argumentation in the language, topos,

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