Du culte des images à la haine de la nature chez Baudelaire

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1 Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan

2 M.A. ès-Lettres, Université d’Ispahan


From Worshiping the Images to Hatred from Nature in Baudelaire's OpinionSoussan BEYZAVIAssistant Professor, University of Isfahanbeyzavi@fgn.ui.ac.irNeda SALEHI FARDM.A. ès-Letters, University of Isfahan(Received: 10.05.2008, Accepted: 29.04.2009)AbstractCuriosity arising from Baudelaire's aesthetics leads him towards a world of imaginations. Acrossthe works of this poet, the absolute ruling role of images can be observed. These images have beensometimes arisen from his poetic taste with the use of artistic devices and occasionally from hissearch for reaching the mystic utopia. Thus, poem is a tool for the poet to depart from nature,which, in his opinion, is a symbol of the external reality and is nothing but wickedness.Consequently, the poet stands against this hackneyed nature. Such understanding of the nature,together with the creation of the images, with the help of the supernatural imaginative power can beseen in Baudelaire's works.Key words: poetry, nature, image, art, utopia.

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