Espace interactif dans une communication verbale


Assistant Professor, Al Zahra University


Interaction Space in Verbal CommunicationNahid DJALILI MARANDAssistant Professor, Al Zahra 01.09.2009, Accepted: 06.01.2010)AbstractVerbal communication requires at least one locator (speaker) and one interlocutor (listener) whoconverse about a particular subject. This conversation usually takes place within a specific time andplace and has to abide by the rules and principles of the language and the norms and connections ofthe cultural context. Therefore, in order to perform a successful verbal communication, it is notenough to have only linguistic competence in addition, the interlocutors should also possesscommunicative competence. The present article deals with the interactive context of verbalcommunication and the appropriate strategies the speaker and listener utilize, in order tosuccessfully interact with the other interlocutor.Key words: speaker, listener.verbal communication, interaction, act of speaking, context of communication,

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