Moi superficiel et moi profond chez Proust



Social Self and Inner SelfZohreh JOOZDANIAssistant Professor, University of IsfahanZohreh_joozdani@yahoo.comFatemeh NARÉĪM.A.ès-Letters, University of 28.04.2008, Accepted: 18.05.2008)AbstractProust's psychology is based on the distinction between “superficial ego” and “profound ego”. His“superficial ego” in turn, consists of two “egos”: “social ego” and “private ego”. In Proust’s workof fiction, “social ego” has his manifestations in the society and is the one we present to others. TheNarrator of show him. The “private ego” of the Narrator is analyzed only by himself all along the fiction. Thesecond “ego” is impermeable and can be reached only by “involuntary memory”. This phenomenonprovides a panoramic, but unplanned and partial vision of Narrator’s “profound ego”. A thoroughinvestigation of “ego” in direct contact between “profound ego” and the “world”.In Search discovers this “ego” by investigating the “signs” which the people aroundIn Research leads to the study of metaphors which can be considered as aKey words: Proust, superficial ego, social ego, private ego, profound ego, narrator, metaphor

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