Etude de la structure narratologique dans «Carnet d’assurance maladie» de Jalāl Al-é Ahmad

Type de document: Original Article


Maître assistant, Université Shahid Chamran, Ahvaz, Iran


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Study of narratological structure
in «The Insurance» of Jalāl Al-é Ahmad
Nazri-Doust, Mas’oud
Assistant Professor, Université Shahid Chamran d’Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran
Received: 1.2.2013 Accepted: 7.8.2013
In this article we analyze a short story of Jalāl Al-é Ahmad, «The Insurance». As is the case
with the major part of his works, this short story has for subject a social problem. What interests
us in this article is the analysis of the texture of this short story, which will show the literary
value of the text on one hand, and show how this is worked out and constructed on the other. In
addition, since the aim of the new criticism gives more importance to the form than to the
content, we will see that it is precisely this kind of formal analysis that promotes the emergence
of a sense or a synthesis of meanings, and synthesis of imaginations, which are all composed by
the author. Thus, paying attention to lexical elements like metaphor paves the ground for
perceiving the same meaning or synthesis of meanings.
Keywords: narration, short story, realism, structure, nested narratives, metaphor.

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