Étude du portfolio de la production orale des apprenants iraniens du FLE (De l’évaluation formative à l’autoévaluation)

Type de document: Original Article


1 Maître de conférence, Université Tarbiat Modaress, Téréran, Iran

2 Doctrante en Didactique du FLE, Tarbiat Modaress, , Téréran, Iran

3 Professeur émérite,Université de Téhéran, Téréran, Iran


Study of oral production portfolio of Iranian learners in French (From
formative assessment to self-assessment)

Rahmatian, Rouhollah
Associate Professor, Tarbiat Modaress University, Tehran, Iran
Mehrabi, Marzieh
Postgraduate Student in Teaching FFL, Tarbiat Modaress University, Tehran, Iran
Kahnemouipour, Jaleh
Emeritus Professor, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Received: 16.2.2013 Accepted: 14.8.2013

Nowadays, specialists of teaching commonly agree that the evaluation should be seen as an integral part of language teaching/ learning and it must be done through different tools more compatible like portfolio.
This research aimed at examining the applicability and effectiveness of oral production portfolio in a class of FLE in Iran. Specifically, the components of oral competence, namely, the degree of development of grammar, pronunciation and intonation, fluency of speech, discursive competence and interaction among learners were analyzed.
After determining the theoretical framework of the subject and synthesizing it, the results of the field study were presented. The corpus was comprised of 11 adult learners of French at level B1. According to this survey, learners made progress, by means of this approach, in all of identified items of oral production and developed the ability of self- assessment.

Keywords: assessment, portfolio, oral production, Iranian learners

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