La structure narrative du fantastiquedans La Vénus d’Ille de Mériméeet Premier innocentde Golchiri

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1 Maître assistant, Université de Téhéran, Téhéran, Iran

2 Doctorant à l’Université de Téhéran, Téhéran , Iran


 Abstract What
distinguishes fantasy from other genres is ambiguity in and dualism between
natural and supernatural causalities in a story, which creates confusion and
hesitation in the mind of the reader. In a fantastic story, conveying the
effect of fantasy depends more on the narrative mode than on theme. For this
reason, the structure of the story, the narrative mode, the narrative point of
view and the author’s style play a major role in how the element of fantasy is
conveyed. Of course, theme plays an important role as well. In this comparative
study, we have tried to examine the similarities between the two short stories La Venus d'Ille
and The ‎First innocent in terms of structure,
style and theme. The former was written by Mérimée, who was a French short story
writer in the 19th century, and the latter by Golshiri, an Iranian
writer in the 20th century. This study gives us the opportunity to
study the interdependencies – in terms of narrative structure- which have
connected these two stories from two different ages and two different literary
forms, classifying them in the same literary genre. 

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