En quoi La Chouette aveuglede Sadegh Hedayat est-il un anti-roman?

Type de document: Original Article


Professeur assistante, Université de Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


 Abstract First appeared in Tehran in 1941 as a serial in the daily Iran
and translated into French by Roger Lescot in 1953, The Blind Owl follow
a disconcerting storyline. Widely regarded as Sadegh Hedayat's masterpiece,
this novel introduces its author - since his death in 1951 - as one of the main
founders of modern Persian literature. But this work is considered to be such
an antinovel, challenging to traditional narrative. This is a challenge that
results in a very strange and complex text characterized by the absence of a
coherent plot, the characters depicted as unreal, the unrealistic places, an
undefined temporal structure and at last by the complexity of its atmosphere,
irreducible to the interpretation. It therefore requires a non-linear reading.
In this article, we will discuss how is applied, in this novel, the challenges
to the major components of the prose narrative. 

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