Romans d’«espaces en perdition»:voyage au cœur des territoires carnavalesques céliniens

Type de document: Original Article


Université Allassane Ouattara de Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire


article discusses the problem of "spaces in distress" in the works by
L-F. Celine, whose novels, which are structured around the spatial issue,
explore cruel places and bloody worlds like Dante’s
hell. Those territories, which appear as universes that are in prey to
an original cataclysm or a state of decay, remind us of the end of the world,
that of paradise on earth. These spaces in
distress are therefore, abyss, prison,
torture, suffering and chastisement. Clearly, they are worlds of perversion
which devour, strip and disarm the bodies represented. 

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