Étude comparative du "Perfectionnisme", chez Mowlânâ et Alfred de Vigny

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Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan , Ispahan, Iran


A comparative study on "perfectionism" of Mowlânâ Jalâl Od-Dîn Rûmî, and that of Alfred de Vigny
Following one's mind from within, leads us to dominate the circle of knowledge and approach the almighty God. In this respect, the comparative study on perfectionist nature of Mowlânâ Jalâl Od-Dîn Rûmî, a 13th-century Persian mystic poet, and that of Alfred de Vigny, French Stoic, romantic and mystic poet of the 19th century, it is completely normal that the path of being perfectionist for a westerner is thoroughly distinct from that adopted by an oriental. Nevertheless, given that the humble characters of every human being, such as honesty, sincerity, integrity, affection and choosing to be silent are popular all over the world and are something of no spatiotemporal dimensions, and given that the individuals should not be of the same ideology to have common moral and spiritual aspects, we sought to put aside diplopias and, while considering the divine uniqueness, and more focusing on the "coin itself" rather on the "two sides of coin". But, indeed, not having been affected by inhibiting and destructive obstacles in our path, how we can take step forward while protecting our soul and spirit and cleanse our soul from all impurities? By which practical way these two poets lead us towards perfectionism? These are the questions that we will encounter in the present paper and will try to give convincing answers to each one.
Keywords: Mowlânâ, Vigny, romanticism, stoicism, comparative study on "perfectionism" of Mowlânâ and that of Alfred de Vigny.

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