L’incipit dans les contes philosophiques de François Voltaire: Etude sélective de Candide et Micromégas

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1 Etudiante en Master II, Université d’Ispahan, Ispahan, Iran

2 Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan, Ispahan, Iran


Incipit in the philosophic novels of François Voltaire
Case study: Candide and Micromegas

How the first words of a novel lead the reader to its contents? How the writers connect the readers mind with unexpected maters that he would face in his text? It is the incipit fulfills this inevitable role for guiding the reader. The purpose of recent study is findly answers to this questions and also demonstrating how Voltaire, as a storyteller, respond to different questions made by the reader with helping of incipit through the novels like Micromegas and Candide. The can also discover an important event or subject that makes clear a lot of bigger events forming the crux of a novel at the bigining of it. The present work consider to study by witch of the grammatical, technical or another methods Voltaire talks about his philosophy also the ironic and satirical themes when leads the reader on the ground or for example, when he brings in the fantasy world of imaginary planets, and through the incipit of extraordinary journeys stories.
Key words: Incipit, tale, irony, Voltaire,Candide, Micromegas.

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