Enseigner la grammaire et développer la conscience métacognitive par TICE chez les futurs enseignants de français en Égypte

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Maître de conférences, Université de Tanta, Egype


This research is a study of the influence of new technologies of information and communication for teaching to improve grammar skills and metacognitive awareness of grammar among future teachers of French at the faculty of Education, University of Tanta. The use of IT can improve not only the performance but also grammatical metacognitive awareness. The latter has a major effect on the acquisition of French . Many studies such as Abdel Ghany (2009 ) (2010 ) showed that if learners are aware of their performance , why they committed such and such error and how they can avoid it using IT , their language performance can be improved . The digital online resources we used are for example : ( Franc - parler.org : Global Portal teachers of French as a foreign language , EducaSites.com : The educational portal , e- french , ... etc. . ) to see their influence in the teaching of grammar and the development of metacognitive awareness grammar among future teachers of French in Egypt.

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