Ibrahim Golestân à mi-chemin du naturalisme

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1 M.A.ès-Lettres, Université Ferdowsi de Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran

2 Maître assistante, Université Ferdowsi de Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran



On the contrary to his contemporary authors, Ebrahim Golestan, the Iranian author, film director, journalist, and photographer, does not follow the traditional realism school and his works are not affected by the foreign literary schools.
Some traces of Emile Zola's naturalism may be found in his writings. In the present article, we have a topical analysis of Golestan's works so that we can respond whether Golestan is a naturalist writer as Zola or not. Indeed, it should be emphasized that Golestan's naturalism is not an original copy of Zola's. Of course, there is a common trend among the critics to categorize the Iranian writers in a foreign and western literary school or movement, but it should be realized that we cannot attribute the Iranian authors to a specific literary school or movement. You may feel the presence of realism, symbolism, even existentialism in Golestan's works, but the traces of naturalism is more realizable in his works. In fact, it may be said that Ebrahim Golestan is a quasi-naturalist author.

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