Une métacritique du structuralisme génétique

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Maître assistante- Université d'Ispahan


The Metacritic of Genetic StructuralismMojgan Mahdavi ZadehAssistant Professor, University of Isfahanmojgan_mahdavi@yahoo.fr(Received: 23.10.2006, Accepted: 22.05.2007)AbstractLucien Goldmann called his research the “genetic structuralism”. By using theprinciples of this method, in human sciences generally, and in critic literatureparticularly, Goldmann has discovered the similarities and differencesbetween the big complementary schools of critic literature that attachedthemselves to his method. For him, the genetic structuralism, by hypothesis, isthat human behavior is a try to give an answer significant to a particularsituation. In fact, for him, the harmony between the mental structure and theexternal world leads to a situation by which the human behavior can changethe world. But can this social research be the most certain instrument forliteral phenomenology? Has Goldmann not forgotten the literary text? Whensomeone is nothing but an element of a social class, doesn’t his individualpersonality disappear totally in the aspirations of his society? Whatdifferences distinguish between the tragedy writer Racine and the comicwriter Molière? Didn’t they live both during the reign of Louis XIV in theseventeenth century? Is the social identity really beyond the individualidentity?Key words: phenomenology, social, individualgenetic structuralism, metacritic, structuralism, literature,

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