La relecture moderne d'Antigone dans les manuels scolaires

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Modern Relecture of Antigone in French TextbooksAnvarossadat MiralaeiAssistant professor, University of 14.07.2007, Accepted: 22.11.2007)AbstractFrench great writers have tried to revive myths. The famous authors of 20thcentury use the Greek myths. Cocteau in his Orphé, Sartre in Giraudoux in example of such great writers. What was the goal of Anouilh by writingAntigone and using Greek myths? Did he use the myths for hiding his politicalbeliefs in the time of occupation? How has this been reflected in Frenchtextbooks? Which part/s has been emphasized? What are the goals of textbooksby presenting some parts of such plays? We know that this play on the surfaceis a mythological play but actually tries to depict resistance and war. In thispaper, an attempt is made to show that while in the past tragedy was used todepict the struggle between man and his destiny today modern tragedy depicts akind of individual struggle between man and an authority by accepting death.This is a point which seems to have been ignored in French textbooks.Les Mouches, andAmphitryon and Electre are just some examples. Anouilh is oneKey words: French textbooks, theatre, Antigone, myth

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