Un style moderne pour le langage religieux: l'écrit ure de Maurice BELLET


Maître assistant, Université Shahid Chamran


A Modern Style for Religious Language: Maurice Bellet's WritingSeyed Djamal Mousavi ShiraziAssistant Professor, University of Shahid Chamrandjamalmoussavi@yahoo.com(Received: 01.05.2007, Accepted: 17.07.2007)AbstractThere are many works today about religion on the one hand, and language onthe other hand, about their meaning and evolution in different ages. However,there are few works on the religious language. This paper discusses theproblem of religious language, based on the works of an author who tries to goout of ordinary way of communication. It is about Maurice Bellet whose richworks consist of diverse discourses announcing the lack of a divine Word, aWord able to bring to an end the catastrophes if not the misery of human beingall over the world. There is no critical book on this author, yet there are manypapers on his different books. This paper consists of three parts dealing withelucidation of author’s diverse discourses that aim at transferring the messageof the religious language by a language within the reach of every one.Key words: religion, word, society, reason, psychoanalysis, love, discourse

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