Passage de Milan et tradition réaliste

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1 Maître assistant, Université Shahid Chamran d’Ahvaz

2 MA ès-Lettres, Université Shahid Chamran d’Ahvaz


Passage de Milan Mas’oud &azri-doustand the Realistic StyleAssistant professor, University of Shahid Chamrannazridust@yahoo.frVida Shahtalebi Hossein-AbadiM.A in French Language and Literature, University of Shahid 26.11.2008, Accepted: 31.12.2008)Abstract:Passage de Milan philosopher and critic. and New Roman, an audacious art which can be read and understood by areader typically used to realistic novels however, differences and distinctionsgradually reveal themselves and a new novel with its own distinctivecharacteristics emerges, the most important being the way reality is presented.This article intends to make a comparison and contrast between this novel andtraditional realistic novels. In this research, it has been shown that unlikerealistic works, this novel does not refer to a reality digested and interpreted bythe novelist himself the novel is also depleted with symbols and fragments. It isthe reader who relates these pieces and fragments together so that he canperceive and understand the complexity of the reality. The author just suggests anumber of gestures, words and a novel written by Michel Butor, a 20th-century novelist,Passage de Milan is a transition between realistic styleKeywords: description, personage, new Novel, symbol, reality

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