Jean Giono ou la Divinisation de la Nature

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Maître assistant- Université d’Ispahan


Jean GIO&O or Divine &atureMohammad Javad ShokrianAssistant professor, University of 18.09.2006, Accepted: 23.10.2007)AbstractJean Giono’s works before the Second World War (especially his first threenovels) are full of violence and cruelty. There are, however, differences amongnovels in terms of quantity and quality of violence in his novels. The mythicalbeliefs of the writer bring things into his stories similar to human elements. Thehuman being and natural elements come into competition with each other andeven sometimes take revenge. The present paper aims at investigating violenceand its religious features. We firstly demonstrate the interdependence,interaction and catastrophic confusion between "sacred" and "non-sacred"forces. Then we consider the moderate approach of the primitive community totackle the problem and to survive through sacrifice.Key Words: sacred, non-sacred, violence, sacrifice, community

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