La Colère chez Julien Sorel dans « Le Rouge et le oir » de Stendhal

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Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan


  Julien Sorel's Anger in Le Rouge et le Noir   Zohreh Joozdani   Assistant professor, University of Isfahan     ( Received: 02.10.2006, Accepted: 24.04.2007 )   Abstract   The manifestations of passions are many in Le Rouge et le Noir by the French novelist, Stendhal. Love, hate, and anger are some feelings evident throughout the novel. However, anger is an important passion which has a strong influence on the protagonist, Julien Sorel, as well as other characters. The burst of anger is due to some factors. The social milieu in which the protagonist has been raised is peasant like. This society is presented as an organism one of whose cells is Julien’s family, a social unit. Aggression is always upon Julien by his family therefore, he hates them. The city is the scene of rivalry and the people are mischievous. Being ambitious and hypocrite, he tries to reach the high social class by entering the army. But after the fall of Napoleon, the religious order takes power and he changes his decision in order to enter the Church. Having had two guides during his youth, the protagonist has the opportunity to reach devotion and consciousness. But he has insincere behavior. Having reached all his wishes, he is denounced as a traitor and loses all his positions. His expectations are not fulfilled. The protagonist who has been under the influence of the wicked milieu and his immoral intentions and great ambition bursts to anger. At the end, we see that everything comes under the spell of the resulted anger. Being arrested, the protagonist is guillotined.   Key words: social unit, devilish milieu, frustration, violence, anger

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