Ph.D. Candidate, University of Tehran


The Female Identity in the Dichotomy of Fictional CharactersSelective Study: SouvashounFatemeh GHOLAMIPh.D. Candidate, University of TehranCiel2518@yahoo.caMehdi DADREZAEIPh.D. Candidate, University of 24.09.2009, Accepted: 06.01.2010)AbstractThe twentieth century is a period when man seeks to demystify the truth, to create reality. Thismission inspires most writers, poets, novelists, playwrights, critics, etc. Gradually, as the authorfeels the need to strengthen the relationship between his art and his tendency to find reality, heconsciously chooses to speak of the reality he observes. Thus, his work puts a vast panorama oflife_social and individual_in front of the eyes of the reader so it allows us to see a whole lifetimeand not a particular aspect. This tendentious choice, to speak of true stories, is also done in Iran by aseries of writers such as J. Ale Ahmad, B. Alavi, S. Choubak, GH. H. Saedi, to which must beadded the name of Simin Daneshvar who benefits from this kind of scrutiny at the discretion of thewoman, her joys, her miseries and wholesale social situation in the country. The study of theidentity of Iranian women through Daneshvar, is the object of our study.Souvashoun of our great contemporary novelist, SiminKey words: Twentieth century, Roman, Reality, Iran, S. Daneshvar, Women, Social conditions

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