Death and Life in the Contemporary Iranian PoetryMahnaz REZAEIPh.D. Candidate, University of 10.06.2009, Accepted: 20.12.2009)AbstractAll of the literatures have studied the basic question of death and life and the Persian literature, too.These concepts have been studied broadly by great contemporary Iranian poets such as Sepehri,Akhavan, Farrokhzad, Youshidj, and Shamlou. The perspective of these poets to these questions,based on their own philosophy, seems radically different some have a positive point of view whileothers have a negative one. Studying the concept of death and life, in a comparative process, byusing examples from their own main works, is the base of our study.Key words: death, life, Sepehri, Akhavan, Farrokhzad, Youshidj, Shamlou.

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