Le parcours du descriptif vers l’évocatif; la question du genre littéraire (L’étude de la poésie de Théophile Gautier)

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Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan


Ayati, AkramAssistant Professor, Department of French Language and Literature, University of Isfahanakram_ayati@yahoo.comReceived: ١٩٫١٢٫٢٠١١ Accepted: ١٠٫٠٣٫٢٠١٢In line with Jakobson who presented the principle of equivalence (or parallelism) as characteristic of the poetic function, Marc Dominicy, his successor, defines his theory, in a perspective neo-Jakobsonien, by focuing on the question of the interaction of the form and the content. According to this theory, the formal equivalents in a poetic text act on the cognitive plan by the evocation of the prototypes pre-established. In this direction, the formal characteristics of the poem are necessary for the mobilization of a poetic interpretative procedure. The objective of this paper is to show, by resting on "the theory of the evocation" of Marc Dominicy and from some examples of the Gautier's poetic work, the relationship established between the language and the reality and to see how the poetry is understood through the evocation. We try to follow the transformations which the expression undergoes in the passage of a narrative form in a poetic form.Keywords: The theory of the evocation, Evocatif, Description, Parallelism, Prototype, Théophile Gautier, Voyage en Espagne, España.

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