Les emplois analogiques comme pratique linguistique entre universalité et ancrage culturel

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Chercheur à l'Institut Supérieur des langues de Tunis, Université de Carthage, Tunisie


Ben Yacoub, RimUniversity of Carthage, Tunisierimbenyacoub@yahoo.comReceived: ١٦٫٠١٫٢٠١٢ Accepted: ١٢٫٠٢٫٢٠١٢The present article is interested in the study of the recourse to the analogy as the linguistic practice serving as means of description of the various realities relative to the everyday life and sociocultural representations from which it arises. It enters within the framework of a pragmatic study of the discursive uses of the analogy taking shape within two different cultures, namely, the French and Tunisian culture. So, it is interested in the study of the analogy as the linguistic practice taken in its local and universal dimensions. The treatment of the examples will be made within the framework of the analysis, at first, the analogical uses common to French and to dialectal Arabic and, secondly sociolinguistic variations relative to both above-named codes from extra linguistic anchoring concerning the mental and social representations of essentially cultural nature circulating in the speech communities in which these uses were listed.Keywords: universality.analogy, cultural identity, representations, socio-cultural variations,

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