Le travail du rêve chez Marcel Proust

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1 Maître assistante, l’Université d’Ispahan

2 Etudiante en Master II de langue et littérature françaises à l’université d’Ispahan


Joozdani, ZohrehAssistant Professor, Department of French Language and Literature, University of IsfahanZohreh_joozdani@yahoo.comNaréï, FatéméM. A Student of French Language and Literature, University of IsfahanReceived: ١٣٫٠٥٫٢٠٠٨ Accepted: ٢٣٫١٠٫٢٠٠٨The present article is to study “dream” in Marcel Proust's novel. ‘Dream is an unconscious picture which is made during sleep. In the present research, the relationship between dream and literary creation is examined. Therefore, the link between dream and fact, the connection between dream (dreaming at night) and involuntary memory (dreaming in the day) and the role of dream in recognizing "hidden self or deep self" are studied respectively. Dream is also examined based on Freud's perspective in Marcel Proust's novel. At last, it would be suggested that dream similar to the involuntary memory by discovering the deep self creates a literary metaphor which is one of the most important characteristics of Marcel Proust's style, and in this way, the dream role is shown in the literary creation.Keywords: Marcel Proust, Hidden self, Dream, Involuntary memory, Freud.

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