Enseignement et apprentissage contextuel des mots français: cas des étudiantsiraniens de l’Université d’Ispahan

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1 Maître assistante, Université d’Ispahan

2 MasterII en didactique du FLE, Université d’Ispahan


    Learning and Teaching of French Words ‍ Contextual   Case Study: Iranian Students of Isfahan University     Nazita Azimi-Meibodi   Assistant Professor, University of Isfahan   Nazita_azimi@yahoo.com   Chahrzade Goli     Received: 05.02.2012 Accepted: 15.09.2012     In the present essay an attempt has been made to study the effects of context in learning French words among the sophomore and junior students(4th and 6th Semesters) majoring in French Language at Isfahan University and pinpoint the reasons why some of those students fail in memorization of contextual and non-contextual vocabulary items. The major aim is to guide students towards recognition of signs and signification of vocabulary items. This will be done by administrating close tests before and after vocabulary sessions coupled with initial and final assessments. Therefore, this proves the students' need to appreciation of expressions in order to avoid cultural problems such as interference as well as occurrence of ambiguities and problems in comprehension. The results demonstrate that training competent instructors who are capable of adapting themselves well with the situation.     Key words: Training, vocabulary, significance, contextual comprehension, culture.  

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