Phylums Afro-asiatique, Niger-kordofan et français en partenariat à l’Extrême-Nord camerounais: cas des industries hôtelières à Maroua

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Université de Maroua, Cameroun


  Phyla Afro-Asiatic, Niger-kordofan and French partnership in Far North Cameroon: the case of hotel industry in Maroua   Balga, Jean-Paul   University of Maroua, Cameroun     Received: 29.07.2012 Accepted: 15.09.2012     From the linguistic point of view, the Far North of Cameroon is Africa in miniature. Three of the four languages families documented in Africa are represented. A part from English and French are official languages, over 50 indigenous languages are spoken. The contact between these languages and official languages of identity is enriching (BILOA, 2003: 148).This contact language which is actually a manifestation of intercultural dialogue is apprehended through a set of loans, among others. Here we will dwell on the relationship between indigenous languages not only them but also the relations established between the French and indigenous languages, including Tupuri, Fulfulde, massa, and the Mundangkera.     Key words: French, Tupuri, Fulfulde, partnership, Far-Nord Cameroon.   

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