Balzac entre le mot et l’écu: le vécu

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Maître de Conférences, Université de Batna, Algérie


    Balzac between the word and the shield: the experience     Boubakour, Samira   Associate Professor, University of Batna, Algeria   Meziani, Amina   Associate Professor, University of Batna, Algeria     Received: 26.09.2012 Accepted: 16.01.2013     The notion of the money is fundamental in the life and the work of Honoré de Balzac, the human Comedy is populated with characters dedicating to the gold a passion without defect. The fortune was always searched by this author, who throughout his life knew financial ups and downs. In this article, we suggest proceeding to a link between Balzac’s life and his work, and carrying a quite particular interest on the place that holds the money in these two universes, through the analysis of a number of his novels and extracts of his correspondences.     Key-words : Balzac, money, Human Comedy, literature, novel.

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