Le Plateau Iranien, berceau originairede l’épopée de Gilgamesh

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Docteur en Littérature Comparée (Université de Strasbourg)Doctorante en Études Méditerranéennes et Orientales (Université de Strasbourg)Responsable des cours de persan du C.U.E.R.I.A (Centre Universitaire d’ Étudeset de Recherches Iraniennes d’Alsace)


    The Iranian Plateau, birthplace of the original epic of Gilgamesh     Nosrat, Shahla   PhD in Comparative Literature (University of Strasbourg)   PhD in Oriental and Mediterranean Studies (University of Strasbourg)   Responsible of Persian Teaching at C.U.E.R.I.A   chahlanosrat@yahoo.fr     Received: 14.01.2012 Accepted: 15.09.2012     During the long period of prehistoric times, the literature of every society was gradually shaped by myths, customs and practices of different groups of people who had come together in one geographical area. When such ethnic groups, with their unique religious beliefs, rituals and myths, were unified under a single political and religious system, their cultural practices often persisted in the new system. Furthermore, as time went by, the mutual interaction between each system at times led to intellectual and complicated (theological, ideological, literary) syntheses. The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem from Mesopotamia, is among the earliest surviving works of literature. However, it seems that the geographical framework of the adventures of Gilgamesh and the description of landscapes are more characteristics of the area surrounding the Caspian Sea and Mount Damavand rather than Mesopotamia. This article explores a number of themes and motifs in The Epic of Gilgamesh and the medieval Persian Romance, Vis and Rāmin , to locate the archetypal Mesopotamian hero in the myths of the early inhabitants of the Iranian plateau that is, in the beliefs and the myths of the ancient Elamites who had populated the Iranian Plateau well before the Medes and the Persians.     Key words: Mesopotamia, Iranian Plateau, myth, Mithra, Gilgamesh.

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