Crimes et châtiments dans les contes ivoiriens ou la problématique de la transgression des interdits

Type de document : Original Article


Professeur, Université de Bouaké, Côte d’Jvoire


Crime and Punishment in the Ivorian Tales or the Challenge of Prohibitions Transgression Konan Yao, Lambert Université de Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire Received: 16.01.2013 Accepted: 13.02.2013 Tales reflect the events taking place in a society i.e., each society seeks for its real manifestation and finds that in tales. They include ideal heroes with marvelous power who eradicate cruelty and injustice as all societies anticipate. Tales are very rich books dealing with the social facts which reveal the way one community views its universe, its thinking and its behavior more individually than collectively. Tales concerned with the infringement of prohibitions have highlighted the importance of these indexed characters, who have promoted people's social status by using punishment and education. Key-words: Prohibitions, responsibility, punishment-education, socialization, infringement.

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