Le texte littéraire: un médium culturel

Type de document : Original Article


Maître-assistant, Université Amar Téledgi Laghanat, Algérie


The literary text: a cultural medium Tifour, Thameur Maître-assistant, Université Amar Téledgi-Laghanat, Algérie tifourthameur@yahoo.fr Received: 14.11.2012 Accepted: 22.01.2013 The literary text is an artistic creation based on the dramatization of linguistic elements. This article is a reflection on the issues relating to the place of the literary text (the tale) in the FLE teaching in the secondary school and the operation of its cultural potential. This discussion will be centered on learning a better taking into account the specificities of literary communication (including that of the tale) and its institutional among the vast field of literary production. Keywords: literary texts, cultural, storytelling, exploitation.

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