Caravanes et caravansérailsde la Perse safavide àtraversles récits desvoyageurs français

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Safavid Caravan and Caravansaries in French Tourists View Tork Ladani, Safoura Maître-assistante Université d'Ispahan Received: 12.02.2012 Accepted: 10.03.2012 The first thing a European tourist in the 17Tavernier believes that there is no worry or fear for travelling with caravans. While other tourists find it difficult with numerous obstacles. The most common obstacle mentioned is a bad climate. Heat and thirst annoy those who are used to temperate climate and lands full of water. The danger of bandits who are in ambush of these caravans across day and night is also among these obstacles. Nevertheless, Safavid Iran is described as a safer place in comparison to other Eastern countries, as the caravan network along the country provides a quiet and safe travel for tourists. In fact, Safavid kings paid a lot of attention to roads safety and comfort of caravansaries nearby cities. th century faces with in travelling to the East and Iran is the mode and the manner of travelling, since he/she wants to reach his/her destination safely. Thus, most tourists who are not concerned about time and want to have a relative security in their trip prefer to travel with caravans. Therefore, information provided for these caravans make up a large proportion of famous travelers itinerary, such as Jean Chardin and Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Keywords: Travel story, caravan, caravansary, Safavid Iran, travel, road, security.

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