Type de document : Original Article


Maître assistant, Université de Téhéran, Téhéran, Iran


Ecofictional Dynamic of the novella
"Fragment of the book of the sea" of Roland Wagner

Esfandi, Esfandiar
Assistant Professor, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Received: 12.3.2013 Accepted: 11.6.2013

The "Eco-fictions" refer to the narrative objects (filmic or textual) which originate from the current "system of meditation" of the "environmental thesis" The Wagner's novella, in this case, illustrates efficiently the part taken by the author of the Odyssey of Species in the eco-environmentalist spirit. Although no innovations are found in this story, its value resides in the manner in which it exemplifies the tracks left by a paradigm rich in collective stakes of the author's cultural imagination. The "Fragment of the book of the sea" is a history ingenuously narrated, open to the past by its marvelous character, and turned to the future of which it draws up a timid inventory of fixtures. In the present study, I will deal with the general esthetic of novella by the focus on the analysis of the syllabic and the generic structure and declension of the subsequent thematic pieces. The aim is to indicate the contextual and ideological foundations in which the eco-fictional thematic is formed. These thematic issues have irrigated authors' consciences and imaginations since postindustrial origins.

Key words: Roland Wagner, eco-fiction, science-fiction, environment, techno-science, New Age